Our Future Plan:

Short term Plan

  • To make Project independent only from the Donations and Sponsors, to publish Calendars and Postcards and motivate all the Persons working in the Field of Tourism to sell it.
  • Some Vocational and Art Classes to the Students / Children, so that they will be active in the each and every Field like Music once in Week and Sports etc. in a Week as well.
  • To help more to more Children, we are planning to raise Fund and not only Orphan but also Poor and needy Children to sponsor direct in the School.

Long term Plan

  • We are planning to buy own Land for our Project outside of Kathmandu valley and to open their own School, so that local People can also benefit from this.
  • To provide the Children culture and Country based Education, so that in the Future they can be fit in the local Market.
  • We are still continuing to talk with local Industrialist to provide the Job for our Children, when they will be matured and passed the School level, so that they can support their further more study their own.