This Non Profit and Non government Organization was established in 2004 by some of the motivated German Speaking Tour Leaders in Nepal with the motive of to help the Poor and Orphan from the remote areas, which are in need of Help.

During the time of establishment, all the Board Members or founder Members were unknown about the financial Situation and other happening costs only to open the Project. But successfully we have registered in the Government this Organization as NGO (Non Government Organization) and we were not in Position to do anything's immediate after opening, as  lacked of finance.

But immediate after we have sold many Calenders in the Year 2005 in Europe, especially in Germany. Then after we have started to help the five Children by providing them only necessary School Fees, school Dress, Books and note Books etc. After involving in this we understood , it is not easy to do, as we think. There are many Children who do not have parents ( Many lost their Parents during the Conflict Period in Nepal ) and it was difficult situation for us to neglect these children. We have Planned to built shelter for them , but again barrier was the financial Problem. Luckily we collected some money to make the own Building. We got Land from one of the Founder member for the time being, so that we could begin it. We have started with this help to Built House and after seeing our efforts to do something for the human being, Some kind persons managed to get some Donation to finished this Orphanage.

Likewise, we take five ropani land on lease from 2011 for 30 years and started to build Bottle house for our children. Now we have well furnished ( Nepali Standards) 7 sleeping rooms Bottle House made by wastage bottle and one Kitchen /one Dining and reading Room, One guest room as well as office room  and one extra room for the family , who take care of the children in the orphanage as well as toilet and bath rooms at Nayapati VDC -8, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Now we have 44 (3 – 14 years ) Children getting full support in this home. They are studying in Nursery to grade ten at HIMSHRINKHALA  ACADEMY SCHOOL, NAYAPATI  near Kathmandu on the way to Sundarijal, from where Helambu Trekking begins.
No need to say there are many big and big Organizations working in the same fields , without telling their Names here, we would like to say very clearly that all of us ( German Speaking Tour Leaders in Nepal ) work voluntarily. There is no profit motive for any members.
We are among the 100 of such organization only one ,that having very Less Administration cost and others.