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  • It is a non-profit organization established with a sole purpose for the better future of children. The board members have side business. You can contact them to know more about them.
  • The organization has really low administration cost. The administration cost of PAORC is close to 5% of total budget of the year.
  • The passionate team of PAORC staff works for child rights and education in low salary.
  • The organization decides the use of donations. The donations are used according to the need of children and situation so donors can’t decide the expenditure head of donated money. For example, donors can ask to build a swimming pool but maybe a children home need another room which a donor may not know. That’s way the organization decides the use of collected money.
  • The annual expenditure can be displayed to the donors if asked.
  • The donors can talk to children according to the available time of children.
  • All the information about the children are easily accessible. So, that the donors can see the progress of children and also can sponsor new children.
  • The volunteering sessions are flexible in terms of time and kind of workshops and activities.

PAORC is a home to 60 children. Children are an avatar of god whether they are born poor or orphans, they deserve to be happy and educated.

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