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Former Children

Dali Sherpa:
She is a first child of PAORC bottle house. She came to children home in 2004. She comes from a remote village of Solukhumbhu, Nepal with poor family economy. Her mother died when she was 6 years. She was fully supported by PAORC after coming to children home. She passed SLC (School Leaving Certificate) in 2014 and studied lab technician. As she was a first child, PAORC supported to study after SLC as well. But PAORC has policy to make children self-dependent after they pass SLC.

Keshav Nath Adhikari:
Keshav was brought to PAORC when he was 7 years. His father left his family in a really fragile economic condition. It was very difficult for his mother to feed and educate them. PAORC took him and supported fully till 10th grade of schooling. He studied Hotel Management after completing SLC in 2015 and will continue his study further. Currently he is working in PAORC as a Children Home staff. Being raised in children home, he has understood the importance of help and support and aims to work for children rights and education.

Lishan Puri:
Lishan was born in 1998 to a poor family. He was brought in children home in 2011 when his father left home and family condition became worse. He completed SLC in 2015 with the support of PAORC with really good grade. He left children home and studied Hotel Management in Kathmandu. He is self dependent after leaving children home and plans to continue his study.

Abhinash Puri:
Abhinash and Lishan are own brothers born in poor family. Abhinash was born in 2000 and came to PAORC with his brother Lishan in 2011. After his father left home, his mother was unable to support both of them. He finished his schooling till 10th grade in 2016 with the support of PAORC. He is currently in high school studying commerce as his major stream. He left children home after SLC and is self-dependent.

Prajita Basel:
Prajita, was born to poor family and upon that her father died when she was 6 years because of accident, which made her life more vulnerable. Despite her wish to go to school it was really difficult for her family to support her. Then in 2007, PAORC brought her to children home and supported her education and provided her home to live. She completed her schooling till 10th grade from PAORC and is currently studying business management as her major subject in higher secondary. She is working as teacher in Kundalinee School where children from bottle house study.

Suman Gurung:
Suman was brought into PAORC in 2008. His family was really poor to educate him in good school. It was worse when his father left family when he was only a year old. But his life changed after coming to PAROC. He completed his 10th grade schooling in 2015 from children home and left children home as a self-dependent. He is currently studying Hotel Management in Kathmandu. He is passionate and says to continue education and work for social benefits.

Sujana Tamang:
She was born in 1999 in a poor family. She became helpless after her father died when she was just one year. She was brought to PAORC in 2010 and continued her study. She completed her 10th grade SLC in 2015 and left children home to study Hotel Management. She is a self-dependent child of PAORC.

Bimala Tamang:
Bimala was born in 1998 to a family with really weak economy. Her father died and her mother left home, which made Bimala’s life complicated and difficult. She became parentless at the age of 4. But she continued her struggle of life and then PAORC rescued her for better future in 2011. She was fully supported by PAORC till her 10th grade. After completing SLC she left children home and is currently studying Business Management in her higher secondary level.

PAORC is a home to 60 children. Children are an avatar of god whether they are born poor or orphans, they deserve to be happy and educated.

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