PAORC Nepal starts another project now in the district Nuwakot, located to the north of Kathmandu. It takes about 5/6 hours to go there by foot and about 3 ½ by jeep. Mostly Gurung and Tamang are living there.

The government school in the small village GurungGaon (Sikre) has been totally destroyed by the earthquake in April. Right now we are rebuilding the school there, so that it is possible for the kids to learn there again soon.

The school consists of 2 buildings, one has been fully destroyed by the earthquake and the other one has been cracked. Until now this is a Primary School, visited by almost 60 students.

After rebuilding the two buildings, we are planning to focus on and improve the quality of the education there. For that we take Montessori and ÈcoleVivante as a model. Even though many people of this region became politicians and powerful ministers, the literacy condition there is very poor. We are going to help for a better, high-quality education there starting from this season. Until now they teach every subject in Nepali. From the next year on, we will slowly change the system, so that more subjects will be teached in English.We will pay teachers who have a good knowledge of English and are able to teach English, Mathematics and Science there. We will also furnish the class rooms in a more European way. This concept will be totally new in this area and different than that of other schools. We hope that the people recognize the difference and the quality and send their kids regularly to school. Maybe people of other villages will also send their kids to that school.

After finishing their Primary Education in their village, we will support the children to come to Kathmandu and get a good education there. With this project we try to help before the children are older, uneducated and without any chance for a good future. Education is the key to everything and to improve it means, to prohibit problems later.

Right now we are looking for people who are interested in taking a sponsorship for children, to support them for their school fees and stationery.It would be 20 euros per month.

We are always looking for volunteers who are interested in teaching English or Sports there as well.

If you are interested please contact

Here you can find a video about the work in the school and the life in the village:

Nuwakot We`ve bought new school material for the children. For many families it is difficult to pay the school material, a reason why they send their children not regularly to school. When a notebook is full they often stay at home and only go again to school, when they have another one.

Nuwakot The workers are discussing about how to go on with rebuilding the cracked part of the school.