Manaslu Bottle House

Thumi VDC, Swaragaun, Gorkha

This Children's home (PAORC / Happy Bottle House) has started new children home (Manaslu Bottle House ) in Thumi V. D. C, Swaragaun at Gorkha District. It is remote and hilly region of Nepal. There are about 100 magar family in Swaragaun. It is near Manaslu Trekking route. Manaslu Bottle House  is dedicated to providing the orphaned, poor and marginalized children  with nutritious food, clean water, quality education and most importantly a loving, secure family and home for 12 children. It is not only our aim to afford these children the bare essentials, but also to teach them about morality and instill in them a sense of community and respect for their fellow human beings. We will also provide them with a safe play environment where they can have fun, learn and develop the skill of social interaction.

Manaslu Bottle House has no official affiliation with any local or foreign organization upon which it can depend for financial support. Thus our Bottle House relies solely upon the generosity of individual sponsors for its income to upkeep the house and support the children's development.

SPONSORING Manaslu Bottle House

This Bottle House solely upon the generosity of individual sponsors to pay for the upkeep of the house and to support the children's education and development.
We would greatly appreciate any type of support whether it comes in the form of a one off donation of goods such as clothes, stationary or medical supplies; a one off financial donation; or continued financial support of the house or an individual child through sponsorship.

We would also welcome anyone who would like to pay us a visit at Manaslu Bottle House whether it be for only a few hours to play with the children or to volunteer with us for a longer period.

You can become a member of the Bottle House family

  • By sponsoring the house as a whole
  • By sponsoring specific cost incurred by the house (such as the monthly Fooding Expenses)
  • By sponsoring an individual child.

The costs for the home of an individual child per month is EURO 60. This includes services upkeep, clothing, staff wages, education and food for that child. EURO 60 per month is not the obligatory amount for sponsoring a child. Manaslu Bottle House welcomes any amount for the sponsorship of individual child.
Manaslu Bottle House also welcomes the joint sponsorship of a child, for example one family or small business may choose to support one child.

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Children Details

Tej Bahadur Gurung

Keshar Thapa Magar (Roshan)

Gotthe Gurung
Man Kumari Ale Magar

Karna Bahadur Thapa Magar

Kumari Ale Magar
Nirmala Ale Magar

Bimala Thapa Magar

Madan Gurung

Niroj Thapa Magar

Anju Gurung